True Conservative Campaigning as an Independent

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"How Strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words"

Samuel Adams

Let's Make Our Voices Heard!

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I want to thank all that have shown their support, for personal health reasons I will withdraw my candidacy 2016.

I remain optimistic, perhaps 2017...  Respectfully.

My name is Jon Friend. I offer an Honest Commitment to make your Voice heard in Washington. Like you, I have become fed-up! with the Broken Promises, Lie's & Secret Deals taking place in Washington. The Idea of America and Americans as second, does not sit well with me. It's past time to restore Honor & Integrity in Washington D.C.  

If you share my sentiment, then I urge you to Connect with me, Support me, Vote for me this November 2016. I will not let you, the American People down. I will be Your Voice!

Candidate Jon Friend

U.S. Senate / Florida